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In today’s competitive market, finding, developing, and ultimately retaining a highly skilled, well-trained workforce is the biggest challenge facing most industry employers. To keep your business thriving, you need a team of world-class workers with the skills to address the nation’s growing infrastructure needs.

If your tradespeople require specific training, certifications, or continuing education, our skilled-trade programs give your people the chance to reskill or upskill, and your organization the opportunity to level-up quickly. Read StrataSkills’ Privacy Policy.

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Why Work with StrataSkills?

Our goal is to support the strategic upskilling and continuing education of skilled trades people for the benefit of both employees and employers.

We offer comprehensive programs in Welding and HVAC, and are expanding rapidly into more trades each month.

A Learning Culture: Build a culture of lifetime learning of the skills and proficiencies needed on the job through licensed short courses, seminars, tests and certifications

Future-proof Your Business: Continually evolve your training strategy to align with industry innovations and technological advances through industry-specific techniques and processes

Online, Offsite or On-site Training: We offer flexible solutions; on-site training using our mobile welding unit, campus-based programs, or online and virtual training with virtual reality innovations like OcuWeld

Increased Productivity: Upskilling your workforce not only increases efficiencies and output, it also motivates your workers who see the continual opportunities for personal growth and development

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Your workforce is a valuable asset. It is their skill and commitment that will drive your business forwards


Announcing OcuWeld VR Welding Training System

OcuWeld is a new and innovative Virtual Reality (VR) welding simulator designed by expert welding instructors for our welding students.

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Explore Our Skilled-Trades Training Solutions

Our skilled-trades training solutions address the talent-shortage challenges that face companies like yours. Whether it is the struggle to hire new, qualified tradespeople, or enhancing your current employees’ skills through continuing education and certification, we help you Recruit / Train / Retrain / Retain.

RECRUIT - Fill Entry-Level and Skilled Positions

Our renowned trade schools – Tulsa Welding School and The Refrigeration School, Inc., specialize in preparing students for entry-level job opportunities in the welding, HVAC/R, and electrical fields. Our trained graduates can fill open positions at your company.

  • Hire Qualified, Entry- Level Graduates
  • Set up Tests with Graduates
  • License StrataSkills Learning Management System (LMS) Platform
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TRAIN - Training for New and Entry-Level Employees

Train your new, entry-level workers; shape your new employees by giving them an understanding of the fundamentals of the trade.

  • Full Curriculum Based Programs
  • Certification Preparation and Testing
  • Accelerated Job Skills Training
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RETRAIN - Professional Development and Training

Enhance the skills of your more experienced workers; prepare them for new projects in an ever-changing industry.

  • Upskilling Experienced Staff
  • Certification Preparation and Testing
  • Custom Training Options
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RETAIN - Employee Retention Solutions

Subscribe to the StrataSkills Library of Training portal; with a company subscription, your employees can access training resources at any time for refreshers and reskill/upskill opportunities. Keep your employees happy and your workforce skilled.

  • Tests & Certifications
  • Serminars and Short Courses
  • (Online & On-Site) HVAC OEM and general job skills training
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StrataSkills Is Here To Help You Find the
Right Solutions to Your Employment Training Needs

Are you looking to train your new and entry-level employees? Does your experienced staff need advanced training and certification? It’s time to marry career technical education with evolving skills acquisitions to provide future proof skills for careers and lifelong learning. Now more than ever, your workforce needs to be as productive as possible. Learn why and how to invest in upskilling to better prepare for the future.

StrataSkills’ hands-on training programs will transform your welders, HVAC/R technicians and electricians into valuable assets to your company.

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Hear from Some of Our Partners

“Tulsa Welding School has been an incredible resource for us. (Students) come ready with the skills to have an exciting, lucrative career in the HVAC industry.”

“Tulsa Welding School has been an incredible resource for us. (Students) come ready with the skills to have an exciting, lucrative career in the HVAC industry.”

“Tulsa Welding School has been an incredible resource for us. (Students) come ready with the skills to have an exciting, lucrative career in the HVAC industry.”

Contact StrataSkills Today

Take the next step and contact us to learn more. Now more than ever, your workforce needs to be as productive as possible. Not only that, when you find good employees, it’s more important than ever to do what you can to keep them!

Our hands-on training programs – available in Tulsa, OK, Jacksonville, FL, Houston, TX, or Phoenix, AZ – and our online or offsite training programs available wherever you need them – will transform your welders, HVAC/R technicians, and/or electricians into valuable assets to your company.

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