Training Programs for
New & Entry-Level Employees

Fast-Track Training for Skilled Trades

It can be hard to focus on getting the work done when you are worrying about talent shortages, and then training the entry-level workers you do find. Whether you work with StrataSkills to fill your positions or recruit your staff elsewhere, utilize our skilled trades training programs to get your new and entry-level employees up and running. We will help them quickly become valuable assets to your company.

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Accelerated Jobs Skills Training

You have tight deadlines and little time to spare. Our training programs are designed to get new employees up and running within an accelerated time frame.

Customized Training

Training Programs

Typical training programs last several months. Our accelerated skilled trades training programs last just a few weeks. Download our comprehensive free catalog to learn more about the length of our training programs, and all our other training and development options.

Our training programs aren’t just quick: they’re customized to your exact needs. Do you have a specific welding, HVAC/R, or electrical process your employees need to understand? We’ll work with you to develop a training program that teaches them how to do it from start to finish.

Get Certified

Certification Preparation and Testing

The more credentials your new employees have, the more value they can add to your organization. We train new workers to prepare them for certification tests like those offered by the American Welding Society and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Let’s Transform Your Workforce

A skilled team of workers is in your reach. We’re ready to work with you to make it happen. Contact us today to begin the conversation.

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