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Thanks for visiting the StrataSkills website. You are here because you recognize the fact that reskilling and upskilling our industry professionals is critical. As an employer you recognize that you have to keep your workforce highly skilled to meet the increasing demands of your customers and ever-evolving technological advancements.

Designed with insight from industry professionals, StrataSkills aims to solve four key challenges that face employers in the skilled trades today:


To help you recruit qualified, trained, and motivated talent to fill much needed entry-level skilled trade positions.


To ensure that your new employees are ready to work on an accelerated time frame with a range of short-term courses, classes, seminars and resources.


To offer reskilling solutions to keep your employees’ skills relevant, equipping them with the evolving skillsets needed for the skilled trades industry certifications you and they need.


To help you retain your core employees by offering them the opportunities they want and need for ongoing professional development.

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