Skilled Trades Training Expertise

StrataSkills is the professional services arm of StrataTech Education Group, the company behind leading vocational education brands Tulsa Welding School and The Refrigeration School Inc. We bring our trusted education experience directly to employers and organizations looking to benefit from our innovative approach to skilled trades training.

Tailored Skilled Trades Training

We offer businesses and organizations comprehensive employee training programs in the key skilled trades that are vital to building and maintaining the infrastructure of this country. These include:





IMT & Mechatronics


Why Work with StrataSkills?

Our goal is to support the strategic upskilling, reskilling, and continuing education (certification) of skilled trades people for the benefit of both employees and employers. Here a just a few reasons why people choose to work with us:

Build a Learning Culture

Build a culture of lifetime learning of the skills and proficiencies needed on the job through licensed short courses, seminars, tests and certifications.

Your Business

Continually evolve your training strategy to align with industry innovations and technological advances through industry-specific techniques and processes.

Online, Offsite or
On-site Training

We offer flexible solutions; on-site training using our mobile welding units, campus-based programs, or online and virtual training with virtual reality innovations like OcuWeld.

Increased Productivity

Upskilling your workforce not only increases efficiency and output, it also motivates your workers who see the continual opportunities for personal growth and development.


To learn more about how implementing our skilled-trade training solutions could help your organization,
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