Partnering with Regional Skilled Trades Companies

Our trade schools are trusted and respected by skilled trades companies throughout the country, having produced tens of thousands of successful graduates over the decades.

As StrataSkills, we bring that vocational education experience directly to companies looking to benefit from our innovative approach to skilled trades training. Regional players that have a headcount big enough to have a significant training need, but not large enough to have an in-house training division.

Working in Partnership to Deliver Results

Our goal is to develop tailored skilled trades training solutions that align to the specific needs of the company we are working with. By meeting your training needs, we can build the capabilities of your people and develop a lasting partnership that delivers tangible business results.

While your needs may be unique, our process is consistent…because it works.


  • Competencies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Content
  • Policies & Procedures


  • Learning Architecture
  • Curriculum
  • Competency


  • Graduate Rate of Technicians
  • Test Results
  • Training Effectiveness


  • Pilot
  • On-Boarding
  • On-Going Development

Skilled Trades Training
– A Lifelong Pursuit

As a company grows and the customer base broadens, so will the variety of skills your workers need to have. We’ll collaborate with you to design tailored training programs that will reskill, upskill, and certify your employees in their trade. Advancing your workforce’s professional development ensures that they will continue to be able to meet your customers’ growing demands.

Fueled by what has been coined “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” many companies are looking to upskill employees to keep up with new demands. As technology changes, the rapid pace of innovation is shifting the paradigm of education.

The best tradespeople in the industry know that they should never stop learning and developing their skills. Lifelong learning requires a continual evolution of technical skills and training. When workers feel they have the opportunity to grow and develop at your company, why would they leave?

Innovative Solutions

With ongoing training from StrataSkills, your workers’ skill gap will never go unaddressed. Our innovative trade education solutions are delivered by experienced educators where, when, & how it’s needed.


Training is available offsite at our schools in Tulsa, OK; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville, FL; and Phoenix, AZ


Experienced instructors can come to your location to offer the same quality one-on-one training experience onsite.

Our MobileWeld units can bring welding certification training & testing to you.


Designed by welding, electrical, and HVAC/R experts, VR technology allows students to practice anywhere, any time.

Let’s Talk

If you’d like to learn more about how we could help your team and your business, let’s talk. Contact the StrataSkills team today to begin the conversation. Let’s get to work.