with Major Corporations

Any thriving organization depends on a team of motivated workers. As a large corporation, make developing and retaining a highly skilled, well-trained workforce your priority by developing a skilled trades education program with StrataSkills.

Upskill in Retail

Largescale retail corporations have largescale facilities. Those facilities need construction, ongoing maintenance, and servicing. That’s where their crews of skilled tradespeople come in. StrataSkills has the ability to build out custom skilled trades education programs for onboarding, upskilling, and on-going development or certification. Need a custom training program for 700 HVAC Techs? We can help. Call us.

While major corporations have the need to upskill and certify their skilled tradespeople in their Facilities, Operations, or Construction teams, many also view offering skilled trades education as a way to retain staff not involved in those areas of the business.

Reskill & Retention

Employee retention is a challenge for any business in any industry. Yes, workers come and go, but employees are more likely to stay at a company for a longer period of time if they feel valued and can identify professional growth.

At StrataSkills, our team has found this to be especially true when working with major corporations like retail giants and technology companies. By creating opportunities for employees to reskill in a completely different field – from warehousing to welding for example – the employee can feel valued and continue their professional development.

This opportunity to “earn and learn” empowers people to take charge of their careers and start building a professional future, while employed. It also gives the organization an opportunity to retain staff for a longer than usual period.

Developing Talent. Delivering Results.

Engage with StrataSkills and we’ll help you push your employees to a level of competency in a skill they may never have imagined, helping them to feel valued and remain valuable to your business. We will work with you to curate skilled trades training solutions that meet the needs of your corporation. While your needs may be unique, our process is consistent…because it works.


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Innovative Solutions

With ongoing training from StrataSkills, your workers’ skill gap will never go unaddressed. Our innovative trade education solutions are delivered by experienced educators where, when, & how it’s needed.


Training is available offsite at our schools in Tulsa, OK; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville, FL; and Phoenix, AZ


Experienced instructors can come to your location to offer the same quality one-on-one training experience onsite.

Our MobileWeld units can bring welding certification training & testing to you.


Designed by welding, electrical, and HVAC/R experts, VR technology allows students to practice anywhere, any time.

Let’s Talk

If you’d like to learn more about how we could help your team and your business, let’s talk. Contact the StrataSkills team today to begin the conversation. Let’s get to work.