Markets | Who Do We Partner With?

We bring our trusted skilled trade education experience directly to employers and organizations looking to benefit from our innovative approach to skilled trades training. We will work with any organization who can benefit from our services, but our tailored training solutions are proving popular with customers in four very different markets.

A Partnership Approach

Our most obvious partners are large, regional skilled trade companies who have not yet grown enough to have their own training division. We also work with major corporations who want to offer their employees the chance to prepare for future skilled trade careers through reskilling.

We also partner with other academic institutions, some of whom license our proprietary VR training solutions such as OcuWeld, while some want access to our significant experience in welding or HVAC education for example. We also partner with local city and state government organizations looking to further the skills of the community.

If your organization falls into one of these markets, dive in to read a little more, or just give us a call!


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